Wail Of a Mother

I will be there waiting for you

At School entrance,near the courtyard

I remember when you were born

Your were shinning like a star

The day when you first time said mama

It was the happiest day in my life

You were born free,raised free

Untill the day when you reached 18

My boy i can understand

How you felt about your homeland

You once said we are the children of conflict

The wretched of this earth

Born to be oppressed and tyranised
Listen my dear i still wait for you

At the school entrance,near the courtyard

You were the hope of my heart

The shelter of my life

You were my world

My dream,My beloved
I still remember that fateful day

When you last time left the home

You told me,mama i will be back soon

But you left that day and never came back

Tears stream down from my eyes

When i linger in thought of you

I was at safety with you

O desire of my soul

I have no home nor name without you
How could a man from distant land

Kill you as if you were an animal

O my boy you were a kind kid

A pious person,a darling to me
You never hated people

Be it indian or any other

Yes you did feel angry for innocent killings

Those thousands of thousands

Killed by the oppressor

For Insha,a 14 year girl,pelleted and blinded

For Asiya and Neelofer

Yes you loved to scream Azaadi

Not because you hated india

Instead you loved every tormented soul
Now that you are no more

As that man with black eyes shot you down

You were just 18

You were a promising cricketer

They killed you mercilessly

Without caring that you too have a mother

A sister ,and a Father

O my son I am lost

How could i live without you now

Come hugg me o my little kid

As i still feel you are out there

So i will wait for you

At the school entrance,near the courtyard

(Dedicated to the mother of my dear friend Basit Rasool from Marhama)


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